June 26, 2015 by Jeanette Schreiber

How to Become an Expert Halo 4 Game Player


Halo 4 is definitely one of the most popular first-person shooter video games. It offers great multiplayer gaming, but it can also be extremely difficult to just jump right in and start battling against experienced players. If you find yourself getting killed by other players constantly, then take a second to read through these tips on becoming an expert Halo 4 game player.

Do Not Start with Multiplayer

halo_4_by_xdarkarchangel-d4s2u6sThe first tip is to ignore multiplayer and go through the story mode first. This lets you learn the basic controls and get a better feel for the gameplay of Halo 4. During the story mode, as you play through the campaign, you will also get the opportunity to complete challenges and earn rewards that will help you in multiplayer. Earning experience points for your character will come easier and quicker in campaign mode. Using your earned experience points, you can purchase weapons, abilities, and gear that will give you boost when you get to multiplayer.



Start Playing Multiplayer

After you have gotten far in the campaign mode of Halo 4, it is time to start fighting other players in multiplayer. Start your multiplayer experience by taking part in many Oddball matches and King of the Hill matches. These matches often end quickly and will earn you the most experience in multiplayer in the least amount of time. When playing Oddball, pay attention to the location of your teammates as much as you pay attention to your enemies. If you are about to get killed by an opponent, make every effort to hand off the ball to a teammate. With King of the Hill, you may need to skip a particular hill if it appears that it is about to change and head straight for the next one to get a good start. This will give you a better position against the majority of your opponents, which takes on to the next tip.

Get to Higher Ground

Whenever possible, it is better to have higher ground than your opponents. To achieve this, you should practice your jumping. Try using any obstacles and terrain to help you to reach higher ground. If you get good at jumping off of spots to reach other areas, this technique could be used in matches for shortcuts so that you can reach certain areas quicker. Having the higher ground also gives you a more likely chance of being able to spot your enemies first and provide a good spot for using a sniper rifle.

Stopping Vehicles

Opponents in vehicles can be extremely difficult to kill. They can move quickly and get away from you fast. That is why you should attempt to keep them on their feet. If possible, get a Halo-4-Loyalty-Stanceweapon drop so that you can get a weapon equipped that you can use to take out a vehicle, such as a rocket launcher or incineration cannon.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with anything, it will take a lot of practice to get better at Halo 4. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to multiplayer. You will get shot, you will get shot a lot. Do not despair, just keep going. Remember to play through as much of the campaign mode as possible before starting in on multiplayer. Practice your jumping so that you have an easier time getting to higher ground. When playing multiplayer, start with Oddball and King of the Hill, since they are short and earn you a lot of experience quickly. Use your experience to earn more rewards and abilities. Try to stop vehicles when you can and always search for higher ground. If you follow these tips, you will be playing the Halo 4 game like an expert in no time. Thanks for reading, if you got a question, please leave a message.